DenturesIt is really important to take good care of your dentures. Not only do you want them to last a very long time, but also it is important for good dental health. Your mouth, gums, and remaining teeth need to stay healthy.

Here are some tips about how to take good care of your dentures:

Handle your dentures as little as possible and do so carefully. Do your best not to break them (or break them badly). Remove them only when you are standing over a sink or table so that if you do drop them, they don’t have as far to fall. You can even fill the sink full of water so that they will fall into the water instead of onto the table.

Clean your dentures regularly. Dentures need to be cleaned every day just like regular teeth. They are prone to getting food and plaque buildup. However, make sure you use denture cleaner and not toothpaste, which can damage dentures. Rinse your mouth after eating and in between brushing to keep your dentures clean.

Talk to your dentist about the proper care of your dentures when you are not wearing them. Most dentures need to be kept moist. This keeps them from drying out and losing their shape. However, not all dentures can be soaked, so it is important to discuss how best to care for your dentures with your dentist.

Dentures are a big investment, so you should do everything you can to make them last. You need to handle them as little as possible. It is also important to clean them regularly, just like you would with your regular teeth. You also need to know the best way to store your dentures when you are not wearing them. Some can be soaked while others can’t, so please discuss this with your dentist.