We would like to welcome Dr. Michael Holbert, a native of Ogden UT, who grew up skiing, hiking, and biking in the Rockies. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in 2011 at Weber State University in Ogden, UT. Dr. Holbert has extensive experience receiving dental treatment and is therefore very sympathetic and kind with patients. He has experienced both positive and negative dental visits before finding an amazing dentist who eventually allowed him to shadow, recommended he go to dental school, and she ultimately wrote a letter of recommendation which helped him gain entry to dental school. His desire to travel took him to Portland, Maine, where he received his dental degree from the University of New England in 2018. He has since spent a year working as a General Dentist in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Holbert has a calming presence and believes that dental visits can be something to look forward to! Dr. Holbert is excited to contribute to the dental profession through excellent clinical results and constant learning and applying those skills to help every patient have an excellent experience.

He has a love for the outdoors, traveling, and anything involving water whether fishing, boating, kayaking, or just swimming. He also has a 2-year-old chocolate lab rescue who’s quite the handful.